Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Congratulations to MCAS!

Liam the pug and two cats in the sunshine
Liam and pals, lounging in the sun.
In a perfect world, everyone who took in a dog or a cat would keep that animal for the rest of its natural life. Unfortunately, job losses, family changes, cross-country moves and more can all shear pets away from their caregivers, and sometimes, those pets end up in shelters.

In Multnomah County, they often end up in either the Oregon Humane Society or the Multnomah County Animal Shelter. While most people know that OHS has a great placement record, most don't know that MCAS also works hard to keep pets alive and placed with new owners. In fact, most people wrongly assume that MCAS puts unwanted pets down regularly.

New statistics released by MCAS should put an end to that wrong assumption. According to these stats, about 75 percent of the animals that enter this shelter leave again under the guidance of an owner. This is a pretty remarkable statistic, considering that MCAS takes in each and every animal its brought. There is no screening for temperament and there are no breed bans. Everything that comes in is housed, and a great many of these guys leave again.

Why does this matter? I see a lot of people giving their pets away on for free because they assume that the shelter will kill their pets on sight. I also have heard that many people are dumping their pets on dark country roads, thinking that their pets have a better chance of staying alive when they're abandoned than they would if they were placed inside cages at MCAS. That's just plain wrong.

I hope that people will keep their pets and keep the promises they make when they look into the eyes of their little ones when they take them home for the first time. But if circumstances change and it's just not possible to keep those pets, I hope people will consider reaching out to MCAS. They're doing very good work.

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