Friday, March 22, 2013

Pugs provide insomnia cure

Liam the pug is asleep
Feeling tired?
I've been doing a lot of medical writing lately, and much of it has concerned pharmaceutical treatments for insomnia. As I'm writing these stories and wading through research reports about drugs that can sedate and calm an overactive mind, my little dog is snoring away in the background. If I try to wake him up so I won't feel so tired myself, he gives me the look in the photo above, complete with the head bob of death, until he lies back down again and goes to sleep.

It happens a lot here.

Dogs need a lot of sleep, and they're not too picky about when they get it. But pugs are also really social animals and they hate the idea that something great is happening that they're not a part of. Liam will desperately try to stay awake when my husband and I are watching television or eating or having a conversation, but sometimes sleep just gets the better of him. He starts to blink slowly, then bobble on his feet, then slowly let his head drop until he snaps to attention again.

Watching someone else struggle to stay awake is incredibly tiring, and I can't help but wonder if there was some way I could videotape this whole incident and make insomniacs watch Liam bobble around when he's tired. Maybe these people wouldn't need to take drugs.

If I did that, however, I'd probably be out of a job, because I'd have no medical articles to write. Hmm. I might need to rethink this strategy.

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