Monday, April 29, 2013

Finding the right Boston terrier for my multi-pet household

Sinead the Boston terrier as a puppy
Meet Sinead!
I'm absolutely wild about Boston terriers. I love their big, bold ears. I love their quizzical head tilts. I love their snappy coloring. I love their bossy personalities. Put plainly: I'm smitten. I also had a long-lasting love affair with a Boston terrier, who left the world much too soon. (Read more about that here.)

I've been wishing for another Boston ever since my first little one died, but I had a significant amount of trouble finding the right dog for my little family. I wanted to make sure I found the right fit, both for me and for the little creatures who already live her, and that means my search took ages.

For starters, I wanted a female. Liam is male, and he can be a little rambunctious with male dogs we meet at the dog park. He loves them, but he also seems to move right into rough-play mode with males, where he tends to remain a gentleman for a little longer with females.

Secondly, I wanted either a young pup or an adult dog that gets along with cats. Young dogs I thought I could train, or the damage they might inflict on a cat might be relatively small. Older, cat-friendly Bostons would have been perfect, but they were hard to find, as many Bostons seem to like to chase cats.

Finally, I wanted a dog that would come with a health contract. After losing my other Boston at an early age, I wanted to make sure my next try with the breed would be more successful. Allergies, heart troubles, stomach upset, heart worm histories.... all of these things would be disqualifications for this pup. I wanted health, and I was willing to wait until I found it. 

After a full year of searching, my hard work paid off with little Sinead. She's four months old, and about 4 pounds total, and she's an absolute joy. She's well socialized with dogs, and while cats remain a mystery, she seems to be catching on quickly (more about this later, if I can get good photos). She also has glorious markings and a full health contract standing behind her.

Perhaps good things really do come to those who wait.

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