Sunday, July 28, 2013

Searching for the elusive dog snuggle

Pug puppy Liam and senior Boston terrier Seamus in a snuggle
One of the joys of having two dogs involves snuggles and cuddles. There's just something intensely satisfying about seeing your furry pets sleeping in a pile. In fact, some of my favorite photos of pug Liam's puppyhood where taken when he was sleeping close to big brother Boston terrier Seamus. Even now, these photos have the ability to choke me up a little.

As Liam got older, he became more comfortable with the idea of snuggling with cats, and they found that he was an excellent source of heat and warmth. Soon, I had tons of really great photos of him sleeping in a pile with his cat friends.

Liam the pug and Lucy the cat in a snuggle

When I brought home Sinead, I felt certain that he'd quickly latch on to her and give me many more photo opportunities. The first night, all I got was this.

Liam the pug not snuggling with Boston terrier Sinead

She desperately wanted to cuddle, but Liam wasn't too eager about sharing his space. In the end, she had to be content to sleep on her own little blanket as close to him as she could get. And that's where we've stayed for many of the months that have followed. On occasion, if I am quick enough with a camera, I can catch a fleeting moment when Sinead crawls into Liam's bed for a cuddle. The shutter click typically marks the moment at which he walks away. The photos are cute, but they don't really show a persistent form of fondness.

On Friday, however, I caught these two in a cuddle that lasted for about a 1/2 hour. Somehow, Sinead seems to have convinced Liam that being close is a good thing, and he seems to be more comfortable with sharing his space and his body heat (even when it's over 90 degrees outside).

Liam the pug and Sinead the Boston terrier outside in the sunshine

I hope this means I'll have more cuddle pictures to share on the blog in the months to come!

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