Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September's BarkBox: Fun dog toys and treats for fall

Liam the pug with a shark toy
The last time we got a BarkBox, little Sinead went absolutely crazy for the whale from Hear Doggie. In fact, she loved that toy so much that she wanted to carry it with her almost everywhere, and she was devastated when Liam got a little rowdy and broke the thing. I had to go to Amazon and buy a replacement, as she just wouldn't be consoled with any other toy.

Not surprisingly, then, I was pretty eager to get this month's shipment, as I felt sure it would contain more toys she'd be obsessed with. At this point, it looks like the treats are the big hit in this box, but still, there's something in here for everyone. Here's my (not paid, don't worry) review of this month's box.

The Toy

The all-important toy in this month's shipment comes from Aussie Naturals (this is the toy on patient Liam's back in the photo above). It's a pretty long toy, which is perfect for the head-shaking thing Liam loves to do, but it has no stuffing, so he really won't be able to destroy it. I appreciate the durability of this toy, but I do have some reservations about it. Firstly, it has a little rope insert that's a bit heavy, and I worry that Liam will hurt my other pets with his head shaking moves and a weighted toy. Also, it's just a little big for wee Sinead. They haven't played with this toy as much as they did the whale.

The Treats

There are two types of treats in this month's box, and both are huge hits over here. The first is a dehydrated duck product from Plato that's about the size of a half-dollar. It breaks apart easily, which I like, and it's also low in scent. I can take one treat and break it in half easily, without walking away with stinky fingers. Bonus!

The other treat comes from Wagatha's, and these wee bones smell exactly like cooked pizza. I put them in a jar, and I swear, when I open that thing, I feel an intense need for cheese. The dogs seem to like the treats, too, as I get nice steady sit/stay behavior when I have one of these in my hand. This month's box came with a coupon for future treats, and I may need to cash that sucker in.

Liam the pug and Sinead the Boston terrier and a cookie

The Bonus

In addition to things the dogs might like, this box contained a product they might actually need: a liquid bandage. This spray-on product from VetraCare Pet is designed to dry quickly, producing a quick seal that can stop bleeding in a snap. If my dogs get into a sudden scrape, I can see using this product as a stopgap until we can get seen by our veterinarian. I haven't tried it yet (and hope I don't have to), but I'm happy to have it!

Overall, this was a great little box. We're hoping for more of the same next month!

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