Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 2013 BarkBox review

Boston terrier Sinead with a chew stick 
Living in the PNW has some distinct advantages (lovely weather, bike-friendly cities, fabulous wineries, etc.), but when it comes to the BarkBox, my kids seem to get the short end of the stick on a regular basis, waiting days and days for their treats to arrive from the far coast.

While we lucked out this month, getting the box just days after it had shipped, the dogs were picky, and as a result, our review is a little mixed.

Here's what we got.

Superior Farms: Dog Treats

The biggest hit in this month's box was a set of dried lamb's ears. My guys typically don't get treats like this, because I don't like all of the processing dried animal parts go through before they're shipped. I was relieved to see that these ears were just washed and dried, so there were no nasty and foreign-sounding ingredients to worry over. And they seem to taste great, as both dogs gobbled them right up.
Liam the pug with a dog treat

Baker's Best: Dog Treats

These treats get a mixed review, as Liam thinks they're wonderful, but Sinead won't touch them. They're made of goat meat, again with minimal processing, but they do seem to have a lack of scent. Perhaps the smell keeps Sinead eating, while no smell makes her run in fear. I have full confidence that Liam will eat what she rejects, however.

Fruitables: Dog Treats

This product came individually wrapped for Halloween, which will allow me to give snacks to all of my canine neighbors. I absolutely love that. And the small portions make them a wonderful addition for sweet Sinead. However, Liam doesn't seem to tolerate these treats, and tends to retch them back up hours after eating them. I'm not sure what's going on there, but Sinead will have to eat his portions.

Pet Qwerks: Dog Toy

I was excited about this toy, because it's small and therefore perfect for Sinead. It's also just really cute, but just one hour later, the once-cute toy looked like this.
Doy toy with a ripped ear
It seems that this toy isn't quite suitable for heavy-duty chewers, as my guys were able to rip one ear completely off. They still play with it, now that I've taken my sewing kit to the toy, but I'm leery of letting them play too hard with something that falls apart so easily.

Your Dog's Diner: Dog Treats

This product will allow hubby to make a bunch of meatballs for the dogs for their holiday festivities. I love the idea, but haven't yet tried the product. I can't wait, though!

All in all, there's something in here for both dogs. It'll be fun to see what the folks at BarkBox do next month.

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