Monday, December 30, 2013

December 2013 BarkBox review: Santa brings sad news for Liam

Liam the pug looking out the window
Every month, Liam stands just like this, eagerly awaiting the moment when the mail delivery person drops off his beloved BarkBox filled with yummy treats and even more wonderful toys for him to destroy. He truly loves his BarkBox, and he happily gobbles up anything that comes out of the box.

Unfortunately, he pays the price in the days that follow.

Liam has a legendarily sensitive stomach, and as a result, I'm careful to provide him with a very specific diet that contains no little ingredients that could even remotely cause either nausea or vomiting. However, when he has a few treats from the BarkBox, all of my planning goes right out the window, and it's not uncommon for him to spend the next few days feeling a little queasy and unwell. He just can't handle the novel foods.

Sinead seems quite happy to nosh away on any treat, and she never suffers any kind of ill effect whatsoever, so it's likely that I'll keep on buying the BarkBox. She needs treats, and the options we get in our boxes seem to agree with her. She also loves the toys that come in the boxes, as this photo clearly demonstrates.
Sinead the boston terrier and her BarkBox toy
But Liam may only get to try just one nibble of the treats that come. It's sad, but the nausea and horrible gas that comes along with a sensitivity reaction is really not pleasant for either him or me. I think it's best avoided.

In any case, these are the items we got in December's BarkBox:
  • Simply Fido reindeer toy. This little bugger has both a rope and a chewy, soft center incorporated into the design, which made it a hit for these dogs. They love to both chew on it and tug on it, and so far, it's held up quite nicely to all that abuse. Unfortunately, I can't find the toy online right now, so it may no longer be available.
  • GoDog Yeti. The design of this toy is a little creepy, as it has only one eye and some pretty big horns. But again, the dogs loved this thing and they've spent hours tugging and chewing on it, with no tears in sight. We may need to get another one of these.
  • Planet Dog chicken pot pie treats. I was surprised that these little treats didn't smell like anything at all, but the dogs really didn't care and they ate them quite quickly. The size of these treats are nice, though, as they're small enough to make for some chewing but not so big that I felt I had to break them in half. 
  • Bistro Bites treats. These little snacks also didn't smell like anything, but they're really small and easy for the dogs to gobble, and they did that happily. These would be excellent training treats, as they're about the size of a piece of kibble.
  • Barkworthies bully stick. Sinead absolutely loves these, and I love them because they don't have a nasty odor associated with them. They also don't disintegrate into a gummy mess after a spate of hard chewing. Instead, they're perfect for an afternoon nibble, and I'll definitely be getting more for her. 
So that's it! Next month's review might be a little truncated, as I'll be giving the treats to only one dog, but here's hoping Liam forgives me when he realizes he won't feel ill the next day.

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