Monday, January 27, 2014

Chaos in this month's BarkBox!

Sinead the Boston terrier in her dog bed
As I mentioned last month, I have a new BarkBox approach. Rather than opening up all of the treats and letting the dogs nosh on each product we get, I'm introducing just one edible snack at a time. It makes for less nuanced reviews, as the dogs haven't even tried everything in the box, but I'm hoping it'll also help Liam avoid some gastric upset.

This month, however, the dogs didn't really care about the treats inside the box. The crinkling of the paper that surrounded the Think!Dog alligator jerky left them cold, and while they were happy to try out the Loving Pets Barkster cookies, they ate only one before running off into the living room. I couldn't even tempt them with the rope toy from Harry Barker (and that was pretty surprising, as they usually love toys like this).

The reason for this preoccupation?

It's orange, it's rubber, it flexes and it bounces. It's called a Pocket Bone, and these guys went nuts for it.

This toy is made of rubber, and it has a slightly strange smell (a bit like chocolate). There's a tiny spot in each end that's made to hold a treat, but I haven't tried this yet, as my dogs are happy just to gnaw on it when there is no treat inside the toy at all.

Sinead the Boston terrier and her toy

Both of my dogs are heavy chewers, and they've been at this toy for several days. Liam has even held one part of the toy between his feet as he pulls on the other end with his teeth. Even so, I can't see any deterioration or chew holes in this thing at all. It looks just as good as it did when we got it.

The only downside is that we got just one, and these two don't like to share.

Liam the pug and Sinead the Boston terrier try to share a bone

I just ordered a few more.

So thanks to the BarkBox team for another great toy find! (And thanks for the treats, too.)

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