Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine's Day treat: Corn dogs just for dogs!

Sinead the Boston terrier doing a head tip

While out on a walk the other morning, Liam stumbled across a barely eaten corn dog. He was in heaven, of course, and it took a lot of effort for me to wrest that thing away from him. But as I was brushing the crumbs off my fingertips, I started to wonder why he couldn't have a corn dog. After all, it's just breaded meat, right? So I decided to enlist hubby to help me make some modified corn dogs for these two dogs. Here's how it went down.

We used a basic corn muffin recipe like this one as the base. There's nothing too fancy about it at all, and we had most of the ingredients in the pantry.

Corn muffin ingredients

Once we had everything mixed up and ready to go, we cut a few hot dogs into small disks. My dogs like to gobble food in one big bite (Liam doesn't even chew), so I thought that making the meat smaller would be a little safer, rather than giving them a whole rod of hot dog to swallow at once.

Sinead the Boston terrier looks at the hot dogs

We used a mini-muffin tin for this project, so the results would be bite-sized (and stickless). We placed a tablespoon or so of batter in the bottom of each tin, pressed a hot dog slice on that little bed and then filled each well to the top with batter.

Corn muffins made for dogs

Supervision was a key part of our success.

Sinead the Boston terrier watching the cooking

And we had a lot of supervisors.

Two dogs and a cat watching closely

But the results were spectacular.

Liam the pug waiting for a corn dog

When we were done, Liam got a corn dog he could eat, and I wasn't even tempted to snatch it out of his mouth. And I had a snack of my own as a bonus.

Corn dogs for humans on a plate

I have a feeling we'll be doing this again quite soon!

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