Friday, April 25, 2014

Review of the April 2014 BarkBox

Liam the pug with a toy

The best thing about this month's BarkBox is that it gave me the opportunity to take this absolutely hysterical picture. The whole thing is worth it, for me, because I got this shot.

But there's a lot of other great stuff in this month's box, too, and that deserves a mention. So here goes!

The toy comes from JW Pet (who also supplied last month's toy, which is still a big hit over here). It has a long bone for chewing, and in theory, I could stuff those colorful plastic rings with treats and the dogs would have to sort of work on them to get the treats out. I haven't done that, however, as my dogs seem to like the toy just the way it is. They can grab the rings with their claws, and that seems to make them happy enough.

If I did want to use treats in there, I could dip into our bag of Bistro Bites. These are tiny little treats made with buckwheat and chicken liver (so they're good for my grain-averse guys), and they're small enough to give out by the handful. I haven't tried them yet on the dogs, but they do look good.

We also got a special treat from Mr. Barksmith's that came in liquid form. I could have served it just like that, but I decided to freeze it and hand it out that way. I think that was a bit of a mistake, as Sinead didn't seem too interested in that treat when it was frozen. Liam was happy enough to eat her share, but she walked away from this particular treat, and that was a first.

Sinead the Boston terrier
"What else do you have?"
Thankfully, we had a bunch of cookies in our box from our new favorite producer, Etta Says. These duck treats are absolutely wonderful, and Sinead gobbled those right down while Liam ate her frozen treat portion. A win!

Finally, we also got dehydrated beef bladder treats from Barkworthies. I'll admit that handing these things out was a challenge, as bladders don't really top my list of must-eat treats, but the dogs pretty much adored these treats. I like them because they seemed to take the dogs a long time to eat. Liam can inhale most treats from the box in about 10 minutes or less, but this had him going for at least 30 minutes. I would think these would be really handy to keep around if I was entertaining visitors or working with a handyman or something and I needed to keep the dogs out of my way. I'll be shopping for them in the future.

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