Friday, August 29, 2014

Fun stuff from the August BarkBox (although one little dog doesn't agree)

Sinead the Boston terrier and her toys
I'm a self-professed fan of dog costumes. I love to dress my critters up in tuxedos, in frilly necklaces and in dinosaur costumes. It's a thing. So I was thrilled that this month's Bark Box had a little scarf in it from Safemade. It has wee little stripes on one side, and tiny anchors on the other. It looks pretty damn good on Sinead, I must say, and I've dressed her up for photos quite a bit this week.

But she's totally over it, as you can see.
Sinead the Boston terrier in a scarf
"If I close my eyes, will you stop taking my picture?"

Thankfully, there are a lot of other things in this box that she really does like (and a few that the other pets really love).

One big hit is a lobster from PetRageous. This is the little red toy in Sinead's photos, and it's been by her side for about a week or so (since our box came in the mail). This toy is designed to float, so I can see how it would be great for dogs who love to get wet, but Sinead seems to enjoy just carrying this around on dry land, too.

We also got a dog mop from Muddy Buddy, and while the dogs might not be thrilled about this, I really am. It's designed to help dry a dog off quickly after a bath, and it has little handles that make the whole drying-off process really quick and easy. I used this over the weekend for Liam's bath, and I am already a huge fan.

Beorn the cat on his scratching post
"Um, did you forget my treats?"
I'm nursing ill Beorn back to health (more on that in a post next week), so I was thrilled to see chicken breast treats from Bixbi in our BarkBox. These are made of pressed meat, with nothing icky like corn or soy, so I feel comfortable handing them out. And both the dogs and the cats just gobble these down.

The last item in our box was a big bag of lobster-based treats from Bocce's Bakery. Any kind of cookie is a big hit over here, and these are no exception. Liam, in particular, is thrilled with these cookies, and I'm happy to have them on hand!

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