Friday, September 26, 2014

A review of the September BarkBox: Dog toys and treats galore!

Sinead the Boston terrier and her dog toy
This month's BarkBox had a football theme, meaning that almost everything in there had something to do with either college life or watching sports. (Well, almost everything.)

I'm not a big football fan, but my dogs were over the moon about a lot of the toys and treats in this month's box. In fact, this might be their favorite box of all time. Here's what they got:

Safemade Barkeley Pennant

This is listed as a "BarkBox exclusive," and that's a bit of a shame, as this is a pretty cool little toy. It's shaped like a flag, and it's stuffed with both a squeeker and crinkling material, so it makes a lot of noise and it flies through the air pretty easily. My dogs just love this thing.

In fact, here's a little video that proves how much Sinead loves this particular toy.

Loopies Letterman Jacket

This toy also has crinkles and squeekers, and the arms make excellent dog chews. Sinead has been actively chewing on this toy for about a week, and some of the dye from the cuffs of said sleeves is leaking onto the white material. This toy isn't as pretty as it once was, but she still loves it.
Boston terrier and her toy

Nootie Jerky Burger BBQ Duck 

These treats are about the size of a grape, and they're very dense and chewy. I like them, as they're made of American duck and they don't contain wheat, grains, soy or corn. I also like them because the dogs have to really chew on them. Even gobblers like Liam need a little time to work these down.

We also have some Indigo Smokehouse Strips from Petsafe that I haven't yet tried. But they look like nice treats, as they're small and they're made with 100 percent pork.

And Liam and Sinead were thrilled, as usual, to see that an Etta Says chew made it into the box. They love those.

So this was a great box! We're happy! Want to get your own? Use my code. You'll get a discount, and so will I!

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