Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 things blind cats would say (if they could talk)

Lucy the blind cat on my bed

"What's going on in that little mind of my blind cat?" It's a question I ask myself often. When Lucy starts jumping up and down in the middle of the night for no reason, when she sits in corners and yells, when she darts from one room to the other.... She can be very perplexing.

And while I will probably never know what she's really thinking, I thought it might be useful to outline at least a few of the conversations I'm pretty sure she would have with me, if she could talk. So here, in no particular order, are what I imagine to be Lucy's top requests.

1. "Stop moving the furniture around." 

Lucy the blind cat on her chair

I rarely do large overhauls of the furniture in this house. Lucy needs to know where things are, so she can zip from room to room without running into anything solid. But, I've found that even tiny shifts of an inch or so will throw her off. If I don't put the chair right back in place after vacuuming or I move the toy box just an inch to the left after filling it up for the dogs, she'll run right into it. I know she wishes I would stop making running so hard.

2. "Make the dogs pick up their crap." 

Liam and Sinead with dog toys

I know Lucy would be happier if the dogs kept all of their toys in pretty bags (like this one). But they often play with toys and then abandon them in the middle of the floor when playtime is over. And, you guessed it, Lucy runs right into those toys over and over again. And she can never really tell where they're going to be. If the dogs were tidier, I know she'd be happier.

3. "Stop washing my beds all of the time." 

Eamon and Maggie the cats in their bed

Since Lucy shares her home with two cats and two dogs, she also shares her beds with all of these creatures, too. And all of that traffic adds up to dirty, smelly beds that need to get washed. But, Lucy navigates her world through her sense of smell, and frequent washing of her beds can make it harder for her to track safe places for sleeping. She likes it when she can sniff out that bed from a mile away. Unfortunately, I don't like smelling her bed like that. She'll just have to forgive me.

4. "Lavish me with love, not pity." 

Lucy the blind cat

Sure, Lucy can't see. But she also doesn't know that she can't see. She's always been like this, and she's a perfectly happy kitty girl. She'd love it if guests came to see her and petted her because she's pretty and friendly and nice. She gets annoyed when guests won't pet her head, as they're worried about hurting her. And she really dislikes anything that feels like an "examination" rather than affection. Love, not pity, is best for her.

5. "Give me treats for playing along with this thing you call a blog." 

Lucy the cat on her couch

Lucy is remarkably tolerant about being photographed for this blog, even though the clicks of the camera baffle her, and she doesn't understand why she should hold still when no one is petting her. But she dutifully plays along with it, even though she probably hopes she'll get something nice out of her cooperation, like catnip or kibble. This is a request I can easily handle.

Any requests you know your cats would love to share with you? Share them with me in the comments section!

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