Friday, October 31, 2014

Are your dogs ready for Halloween?

Liam the pug with his Halloween toy

Right now, I should be prepping my house for Halloween. I have pumpkins to carve, lights to plug in, candy to buy and a costume to throw together. There's a lot to do! But I also have a few extra steps I'll need to take in order to ensure that Liam and Sinead are ready for some spooky fun. Ready for my to-do list?

1. Put up a barrier. 

I rarely let Liam and Sinead walk out the front door. We go out the side door for our walks, and they head out back to the bathroom. I had hoped that this move would keep them from running up front when people come over, but it hasn't quite worked out. As soon as that door opens, off they go.

Since I'll be opening and closing that door quite a bit for little visitors, I'm planning to set up a barrier to keep them away from the door. Baby gates allow them to see visitors without launching at them.

2. Check the tags.

Even though I'll have barriers up, there's the possibility that Liam and Sinead could sneak out the door. Things get crazy and accidents happen. That's why I'll make sure they both have collars with appropriate tags on all evening long, and I'm making sure their microchip data is up-to-date, too. That way, if the unthinkable happens, I'll get reunited quickly.

3. Take photos.

If Liam and Sinead do escape, I'll need to put together posters with their photographs and my contact information. That means I'll need current photos of their little mugs all ready to go. This one is easy for me, since I take their photos all the time for the blog, but it's still there on the list.

4. Hand out good treats. 

It's easier to keep the dogs calm when they have something delicious to nibble on. That's why I held back a treat from the October BarkBox for tonight. When the little ones start to ring the bell, the dogs will have a treat to work on, and that might help them to ignore the noise just a little bit.

5. Prep the crates.

Despite my best precautions, all of the activity might get to be too much for these little dogs. So I'm preparing their crates with warm bedding, and I'm putting those crates in a room that's far from the front door. If they get overwhelmed, they can rest in their crates with the radio playing.

What are you doing to help your dogs celebrate? Share with me in the comments section!

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