Friday, November 7, 2014

4 things dogs really want this winter

Liam the pug in his bed

It's not quite winter in Oregon yet, but this morning was definitely chilly. It was so chilly, in fact, that Liam and Sinead weren't all that thrilled about going for a walk. I think they'd much rather stay in bed when it's cold and dark.

But that cooler weather got me thinking. If these spoiled pooches could pull together a wintertime wish list, what would be on it? Here's what I came up with.

1. Space heaters. 

Liam is demonstrating this point quite nicely in the photo at the top of this blog. I have this little heater in my studio, and it blows hot air from the bottom vent when it's on. In the wintertime, Liam pulls his bed closer and closer to this heater, hoping to catch some heat before it escapes into the middle of the room. (Rest assured: He's never around it without supervision. No fires here!)

2. Jackets and coats. 

Sinead has very little fur on her wee body, so she has a hard time staying warm when the weather gets cooler. She absolutely must have hoodies, coats and shirts to get through the winter months. (And she looks pretty stylish in them, don't you think?)

Sinead the Boston terrier in her jacket

3. Plenty of toys.

In the summer, Liam and Sinead can burn off a lot of energy by running around outside. That's a lot harder for them to do when it's cold and/or raining. They'd much rather be indoors, but they still have plenty of energy to burn. Toys come in handy here, as the dogs can play fetch, tug-of-war and so much more with toys. Play keeps them busy (and it also seems to make them pretty happy).

Liam the pug with his basket of toys

4. Heated beds.

While I try to keep the house and my writing studio warm, Liam and Sinead both enjoy beds that have an extra boost of heat. I use SnuggleSafe disks in the house to keep their beds warm through the night, but during the day, I also use a heating pad to warm up Sinead's favorite napping spot. She bolts over to that bed in the morning, and she really doesn't move around much as the day progresses. For her, it's bliss. (Again, rest assured that I only use a heating pad during the day, when I can supervise. Heating pads can cause burns, so it's vital to make sure you're right there to watch when your dogs use them.)

Sinead the Boston terrier in her bed

I'm sure the dogs have other things they'd love to see in the winter, like yummy snacks and warm meals. I'll try to cover some of those food-related preferences a little later this month (maybe with recipes!).

Stay warm, everybody.

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