Friday, February 27, 2015

Crawfish and alligator dog treats: Liam and Sinead review

Sinead the Boston terrier with her treats

Liam and Sinead love the treat portion of the BarkBox best of all. And often, when that box comes, it contains a bag of soft treats from Think!Dog. As a result, I've mentioned these little snackies once or twice in my monthly BarkBox reviews. (Here's an example.)

But, my dogs love these things so much that I thought it might be best to do a review that focuses solely on what these treats are, and why they're so good. That's what I'm doing today.

Liam the pug with dog treats

So far, Liam and Sinead have tried two flavors of these treats: crawfish with alligator and alligator with blueberries.

You'll see a theme here.

Think!Dog is interested in making treats that come from sustainable farms and fisheries in Louisiana. That means these little snacks are full of American-harvested proteins that I've just never seen in other dog treats before. Seriously, if you told me I'd be feeding my dogs alligator a few years ago, I would have told you that you needed psychiatric help.

But you know what? This approach makes a lot of sense.

Many dogs have been overexposed to common protein sources like chicken and beef. As a result, they can't eat many commercial snacks. Seamus certainly had that problem, and I struggled to find treats with novel proteins. These would have worked wonders for him.

These protein sources are also just a touch stinky. And that means (you guessed it!) the treats have a very distinctive odor. While my husband isn't fond of that scent, the dogs sure are. And it can be a real help.

Sinead and Liam lying down

Getting both dogs to hold a sit/stay position isn't easy, as they tend to poke one another and goad one another. Smelly treats can really help, as the scent reminds the dogs of the wonders they'll experience if they behave. Just opening this bag seems to make the dogs perform a little better. See how well they're doing here?

And, stinky treats are great for cats. Check out Jasper trying these treats.

Cats enjoying treats
Cats enjoying treats

Older cats like Jasper can't smell things as well as they once did, and sometimes, that lack of smelling smarts makes these cats reluctant to eat. A stinky treat like this can help prompt him to dive into his dinner, and the treats are small enough and soft enough that they're easy for him to handle.

So the short answer? We love these treats, and we hope we'll get more in the next BarkBox!

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