Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dog treat review: Liam checks out Stewart Pro Treat

Liam the pug with his dog treats

A few weeks ago, the nice people at Stewart sent me these two canisters of freeze-dried dog treats. I've been using them as training tools for both Liam and Sinead, and this week, I thought it was time to share my notes on these little snacks for dogs.

The short answer? I'm a big fan.

My fandom comes, in part, because these treats contain only freeze-dried organ meats. They don't have a bunch of grains, fillers or other additives that can inflame Liam's sensitive skin. And, they don't have a nasty odor, either. Those make them good choices for this household.

Since the treats are all-natural, they're not processed or stamped into shapes. Depending on the meat source, the treats can either be big or small. For example, I found the turkey treats to be really tiny. That made them excellent food toppers (for cats, too, as I wrote about in this blog entry), but it was hard to use them with gobbly Liam without getting worried about bites to my tender fingers.

I solved that issue by using pork treats with Liam. They're much bigger. Here is a treat on the floor in the front of this photo.

Liam the pug with a dog treat

That's a nice size for a big boy like Liam.

The canisters do tend to settle a little when they're shipped, so it isn't surprising to see a little air when they arrive. But, there's still quite a bit in each shipment. I've been using this jar for about a week, for example, and there's still quite a bit in there.

Sinead posing with dog treats

So, all in all, I recommend these treats. The dogs and cats love them, they're USA sourced, and they're quite a value for the price. We're fans!

Find out more about the treats here. And hey! Share a comment with me if you try them! I'd love to know what your dogs think of them.

Disclaimer: I was sent these treats to try. All opinions are my own. No money changed hands in return for this review.

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