Friday, February 20, 2015

February 2015 BarkBox Review: Good stuff for Mardi Gras!

Liam the pug with his BarkBox toy

The BarkBox came a few days ago, and the timing was excellent. You see, hubby and I have been down and out with colds over the last week (I sound a lot like Raymond Burr right now), so we postponed our Mardi Gras celebration to this weekend. We're calling it "Tardi Gras," and now, we have cool stuff for the dogs to use in our party.

Here's what we got.

Aussie Naturals Salmon Quarter Cigar 

Liam the pug and Sinead the Boston terrier and their BarkBox

This smell of this treat was pretty intoxicating to Liam and Sinead. In fact, it was hard to get them to sit still for this photo, because they wanted to rip into this treat and eat it!

So I opened the thing up and let them have at it. Liam had eaten his portion in about 30 seconds, which means this isn't a treat I would recommend for long, distracting chew sessions. It just doesn't last that long. But, the treat is all natural, as it contains just fish skin. So dogs with allergies might like this one. Both my dogs seemed to enjoy the flavor quite a bit.

Think!Dog Crawfish Jerky

This is another entry in the stinky treat competition. These little bite-sized morsels contain both crawfish and gator meats, and there's some sort of barbecue flavoring involved, too. These are treats that really stink up the kitchen, and Liam really loves them. Sinead isn't as big of a fan, but that's fine with me. Liam needs treats of his own, sometimes, and these should fit the bill. Plenty of other treats around for her.

Harry Barker Mardi Gras Crinkle Mask

Lucy the cat with her dog toy

This toy is almost too cute to let the dogs play with. I propped it up here with Lucy for a quick shot before they covered it with slobber. And I knew they'd do that, too, as this is a toy that's designed with all of the features they love.

The back is furry and soft, which makes it a great napping pal. And the inside contains both squeakers and a crinkly fabric. That makes this a favorite toy for both gnawing and fetching. And, it's long enough that Liam and Sinead can use it for tug-of-war. I would imagine that this toy will be a fave.

Sinead the Boston terrier and her toy

PetSafe Catfish Po'Boy with Chicken 

This is a treat I'm saving for the weekend's celebration. I'm certain it'll be a hit, as it contains both chicken and fish, both sourced from the United States, and the treats come in a soft, gobble-ready format. The dogs will love these.

 Delca Jester Ball 

Liam the pug posing with his dog toy

Liam is deeply in love with this toy. A nobby, squeaky ball covered with fabric? It's hard to think of something better. He can just chew on the ball, or he can pick it up by the fabric and bring it to me for a game of fetch. He hasn't really put this toy down since we got it.

So, that's our review! We're already looking forward to next month.

That's it for this month's shipment! If you want to try your own BarkBox, use my code for a discount. And leave me a comment, so I'll know you were here!

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