Thursday, March 19, 2015

Brush those cat teeth! It could save you a ton of money

Troy the black kitty on the floor

Brushing a cat's teeth seems like a crazy-person activity. You know, it seems like the sort of thing that a cat-obsessed person might do while she's wearing a fur-covered robe and drinking from an "I love cats" coffee cup.

But in reality, there are many far-from-crazy reasons to brush those kitty choppers. For example, that brushing could save you a ton of money. 

Get this: A typical cat toothbrush starter kit costs less than $10. That whole thing should last at least 6 months. That means brushing your cat's teeth will cost you less than $20 a year.

But dentals? Those can cost a whole lot more.

Consider Troy. This guy has probably never had any kind of dental care in his life. His teeth are absolutely rotten, from the gum line on up. He needs antibiotics before he can even have a dental, but his stomach is sensitive, so we're looking for just the right meds to kill the germs and keep his digestive tract intact. Each med switch costs $20 or so.

The dental itself, with the multiple tooth extractions he probably needs, might end up costing $500 or a little more (less if he needs fewer teeth pulled).

So tooth brushing could have saved me $500 or even a little more.

Eamon is snacking on treats

How do I know this? Because Eamon, who is the same age as Troy (or perhaps a little older), has never needed a dental. He's still able to grab treats with his teeth, and he doesn't need intensive medical care to keep him chomping. That's because I brush his teeth, and I've been doing that for years. No $500 dentals for him. Brushing his teeth saves me money, and it keeps him in good health.

So go ahead! Risk being seen as the crazy cat lady. You'll save money and keep your cats healthier in the process. That's something anyone can get behind.

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