Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March BarkBox review: Dog toys and dog treats galore!

Liam the pug with his two dog toys

Our March 2015 BarkBox was a little late in coming this month, so my review is also coming just a little later than usual. But, for those who are unaware of the goodies in this month's box, I have a treat for you! We got some pretty nifty stuff this month that I think almost every dog out there would love.

There were two big toys in this month's box, and Liam took a shine to the larger of the two. It's a canvas bone made by Harry Barker, packed with filling and two squeakers. It's big enough for rough gnawing, but light enough to make for good throwing and retrieving. That makes it a good toy for mid-sized dogs like Liam.

The other toy is very, very small. And that makes it a good match for very small Sinead. This little turtle from Loopies is soft and slick, with one squeaker packed inside the shell of the toy. Sinead likes to chomp on this guy (and make a hell of a lot of noise), but she also likes to just carry this toy around from place to place. It's already looking a little worse for wear after a few days of love (note the discoloration), but it should clean up nicely in the wash.

Sinead the Boston terrier with her toy

Two sets of treats from Etta Says came in our box this month. One is a pressed bison meat chew (the dogs love these things), and the other is a coconut-based mini-treat. Liam and Sinead have never been exposed to these treats before, and we had a bit of a mixed reaction. Liam gobbled his right down, but Sinead seemed less inclined to eat these. She put the treat down for a minute, hoping I'd give her something better. When she realized nothing else was coming, she deigned to eat the treat. I'm not sure what that's all about, but we'll see if she likes those treats more when she's accustomed to them. Maybe the coconut smell is something she will learn to love.

Liam and Sinead trying treats

Liam is wondering if there are MORE treats in this box. And the answer is "yes!"

The last treat is a lot like a science experiment. Here's what the treat looks like right out of the bag.

Treats on a plate

And here's what it looks like after a minute in the microwave.

Treats on a plate

These snacks from Yeti Corp are made with yak and cow milk, and they puff right up like popcorn in the microwave. Liam absolutely loves these things, and they make for nice meal toppers for picky pet eaters. We like them.

So that's it for March! If you missed the February review, read it right here. And tune back in next month, when I'll have another review to share.

If you're interested in getting your very own BarkBox, share the love and use this link. I'll get a free box. Thanks!

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