Friday, March 20, 2015

Primal goat milk: A special dog treat with added health benefits

Liam the pug with his goat milk

Last weekend, I set out to fill my pet food shopping cart with delicious tidbits I could use to tempt a picky cat. One little treat I got had an unexpected benefit: The dogs love it! And as it turns out, this little treat is good for them, too.

The treat is made by Primal Pet Foods. It's goat's milk product that's enhanced with all sorts of probiotic goodies like lactobacillus and enterococcus. It's sold frozen, but within a day or two in the refrigerator, it warms right up for easy pouring.

I've been using this product to reconstitute the dehydrated raw food I serve to Liam and Sinead. Neither of these guys are picky pups, so they don't eat with more vigor now than they did before. But this product appeals to me because it could protect their internal health.

Multiple studies on humans have uncovered a strong tie between robust gut flora and robust physical health. (Here's one of my favorites. In this study, the researchers found that women who took in probiotics had changes in brain function, including changes involving emotional processing. What they ate changed how they thought. Wild, right?)

Now dogs aren't humans. That much we know. But, they do have digestive tracts that are quite similar to ours. If our guts benefit from robust flora, theirs might do the same.

And, these dogs often have tummy difficulties. They root around in the yard and eat things they shouldn't. They snack on grubs and dirt and grass, unless they're stopped. Plus, they hoover up anything they find on the kitchen floor. After a day of indiscriminate grazing, they have tummy rumbles like crazy.

I've used a powder to boost their gut flora content, and they don't seem to mind that much. But I like the idea of giving them something that's more like a treat to boost their health. So we'll definitely be picking up more of this stuff.

As an aside, do you wonder why the pug often gets the spotlight in these product reviews? Let me demonstrate how Sinead typically looks when she's asked to pose.

Sinead giving me the stink eye

Note the excellent stink eye capabilities here? She's never pleased to stand or sit next to a treat that she could be eating. So unfortunately, she rarely works as the headline model.

Sorry, Sinead fans! Liam will have to take the honors on this (and most) product reviews. Hope he'll be an acceptable substitute!

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