Monday, March 9, 2015

The March Portland Pug Meetup: Great pug fun!

Sinead the Boston terrier at the park

Sinead was all smiles during the Portland Pug Meetup this weekend. In fact, it's safe to say that she was the belle of the ball. There were no other Bostons in sight, so she stood out, and she wowed the crowd with her good looks and coquettish ways.

Here are a few of the reasons we'll be bringing her and pug Liam back next month.

1. Great socialization opportunities

There were dozens of pugs out on this bright and shiny March morning, which gave Liam and Sinead plenty of opportunities to greet and play with other dogs. Check out this crowd shot.

Pugs sniffing in a circle

Pug conga lines this this are awesome because they give these dogs a chance to learn to respect boundaries. Grumpy pugs give corrections when they're overwhelmed, which gives my dogs a chance to learn to read body language. And exuberant pugs that won't back off remind my dogs to come to me when they're overwhelmed. These are priceless lessons, and they're all over the place at these meetups.

2. No-fear running 

Liam loves to get his running on, and sometimes, he gets chased and overwhelmed in mixed dog parks. At a pug meetup, he's with similarly sized peers, so he can run everywhere without much worry. Here is is at the front of a running pack, with wee Sinead in the mix in the middle.

A group of pugs with Sienad in the middle

It's hard to find those exercise opportunities outside of a pug meetup, which makes them so valuable to me.

3. Deep-set exhaustion

Look how tired and relaxed Liam is on the way home.

Liam the pug in his kennel

He had a great time, full of new friends and new people, and he spent much of the rest of the day resting up after his big adventure. Sinead was the same. I love giving them the chance to really go all out, and the pug meetups provide that for me.

So we'll be back! If you were there, drop me a note! I'd love to hear from you.