Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The pug personality: How much do pugs sleep?

Liam the pug is falling asleep

Pugs are often described as big dogs in little packages, willing to spend a great deal of time playing with kids, chasing after balls and generally trying to amuse the people they live with. This might very well be true, but there's something else that's a key part of the pug temperament: sleeping.

Liam is a champion sleeper. Ever since he was a wee puppy, he's been deeply invested in getting a good night's sleep each and every night. He's often asleep long before I am, so his snores are part of the soundtrack I listen to when I'm drifting off to dreamland. And during the day, he sleeps a ton. He's sleeping right now, in fact.

On days in which I've asked Liam to do something big, like head out to a meetup or help in the garden, he's even more exhausted than he might be on a typical day. I snapped this video, for example, of Liam on the day I popped him out to the Portland pug meetup. It's harder to find a pug that's sleepier than this.

Meanwhile, this is what Sinead the Boston terrier looked like, just a few feet away. You'll notice that she's as spry as anything, ready to head right back out for another adventure.

Sinead is awake and looking at the camera

Sure, Sinead is a lot younger than Liam is, so she might have more energy due to her age. But in general, I find that Bostons just have more get-up-and-go, when compared to pugs. A pug likes to sleep. That's just what pugs do.

And it goes back to what these dogs were bred for. Pugs are companion animals, meant to keep their people happy. And since people tend to view a sleeping dog as a comfort (think of all of the paintings you've seen of a dog sleeping by a fire), it makes sense that pugs would sleep a lot. It's what their humans want from them.

Personally, I love this part of the pug personality. I like it when Liam sleeps. It's just part of what makes him a wonderful companion pet. But those hoping to get a pug and make it work all day should keep this in mind. Pugs might not have it in them to work all day. That's just not what they do.

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