Thursday, April 30, 2015

Take home an older cat (like this one!) for Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

This senior cat needs a home

Today is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (or if you're feeling social, it's #AdoptaShelterPetDay). Today is all about rescuing sweeties from the shelters they're living in now, and giving them homes in which they can grow and thrive.

I imagine that there will be tons of little kittens that head home today. We're at the start of kitten season, so there are plenty of them around. And, people seem to love living with very small kittens. Their teeny faces are just made to break hearts.

But I'm hoping some families will use this day to take home cats that are just a little older. Cats like DeeCee.

This girl is a little younger than 3 years old, so she has a lot of kitten spunk and verve. She loves to play and romp and chase, just like a little kitten does. And she's healthy as all get out, as years of neglect and illness just haven't touched her quite yet.

And as this photo makes clear, this is a cat with a ton of love to share. In fact, she's a little hard to photograph, because she spends a lot of time trying to get the photographer to put down the camera and pet her properly. She may not be a kitten, but she is a very frisky girl that's full of love.

So, if you're planning to head out to check out cats at your animal shelter, I'm hoping you'll take a peek at the older creatures available. They may not be as small and cuddly as their kitten counterparts, but they're still young enough to give you just what you want.

And each cat you bring home is a life you're saving. That's something worth celebrating.

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