Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: A shelter cat feels safe enough to play

Troy the shelter cat hiding
For today's Wordless Wednesday post, I give you a photographic demonstration of Troy's new after-dinner game. Rest assured that he actually in this picture. Look closely: Can you see him?
Troy's face and feet peep out from behind this curtain
Here's a hint.
Troy the cat peeking out from behind a rug
How about now?
Troy's face is visible behind the rug
There he is!
Troy the cat playing a game
This hanging rug makes a superb hiding spot!
It's so great to see shelter cats like Troy come out of their shells. When these guys feel relaxed enough to sleep rather than seeking out food and love around the clock (which I've written about before), that's a great start. But playing? That means Troy really feels at home. And that makes me feel absolutely wonderful.

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  1. We agree, it's so wonderful when shelter cats start to learn to trust and enjoy life. Happy Wednesday.