Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flying with your pet: Lessons from the road!

Small Boston terrier

This is Sinead's beautiful face today, after surviving her first plane trip. She made it here in one piece, for sure, but we both learned quite a few things about preparing for plane trips.

Here's what we discovered.

Taking the red-eye flight, as we did, comes with a few advantages. The cabin is dark, the dog is tired, and fellow fliers are few. All of that adds up to a very tired dog that tends to sleep through a fight just fine. That's the good news. The bad news is that Sinead is still super exhausted, and she's not looking her absolute best in photos. Her poor eyes are red, and she's a little less perky than she might be otherwise. If I was taking a pet to a photo shoot or something, this would be a big drawback.

I had also planned to use paper potty pads in the bathroom for her potty breaks. Dog respite areas in airports are great, but going into them means checking through security again, and there's rarely time for that on a standard flight. Unfortunately, as much as the manufacturers say that the pads are scent treated, Sinead would NOT use them. So she held her pee for hours. If I was to use pads, I'd need to train her to use them, and I'd probably need to start that training early.

Sinead was silent throughout the flight and in the concourse, which means I did a great job of training her to enjoy her kennel and to think of it at home. Yay, me! But we did have one sticky moment when the person ahead of us sat down. Dogs ride under the seat in front of you, and Sinead thought she had that seat to herself and she got a little territorial. I should have trained for that, too.

All in all, we had an excellent trip and we're both thrilled to be here for BlogPaws! Now we just need our hotel room to open up so we can get a nap in before the sessions start. Keep your fingers crossed!

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