Friday, May 22, 2015

May 2015 BarkBox review: Spring is here, and it's full of flowers!

Liam the pug with a flower toy

The May 2015 BarkBox came this week, and both dogs were pretty thrilled. In fact, there's one thing in here that they're both more than a little obsessed with. That makes the whole box a hit!

Here's what we got, and what the pups think about each item.

P.L.A.Y. Butterfly 

In general, the dogs love toys that come from P.L.A.Y. They're always durable, so they can withstand rough-and-tumble games, and they tend to come with loud noisemakers. Anytime we get toys from this company, I expect them to be big hits.

This toy is a little lost in the shuffle at the moment, as the dogs are exclusively focused on another toy in the box. But, I like this butterfly because it's small and light. I expect the dogs to really enjoy it, once they realize it's there.

Butcher's Block Rib

This is the second rib we've seen packed in our BarkBox shipment, and while I'm sure it's delicious, I'm not comfortable giving it to my small dogs. They just don't have the jaw power to attack a big bone like this, and I can't figure out how to split it to make it a treat they can share.

But it's no matter. I donate these treats to the big dogs at the Willamette Humane Society. I've been told that these are just the sorts of tasty tidbits that can make a stay in a shelter a little easier and more comfortable. I'm happy to have treats I can use for that purpose.

Sojos Simply Lamb

These are tiny, dehydrated treats made of pure lamb. They're a big hit here, as they're easy to gobble. Liam likes to catch them right out of the air, while Sinead prefers to take her treats under the couch for a contemplative nibble. She only runs off with treats she finds particularly appealing, so her care with these treats speaks volumes.

Barkmade Flowers Bouquet

And here's the big hit in the Dion household.

Flower dog toy

This bouquet of flowers is absolutely adorable. Every flower has its own noisemaking capability, and the bundle of four is held together by a perfect Velcro-lined newspaper. I thought this was one of the cutest toys we've ever seen, but the dogs took no time to contemplate the beauty. Within minutes, they'd torn the paper part off, and since then, they've been running around the house with different flowers.

Sinead the Boston terrier chews on a toy

Adorable, right?

That's it for this month! As an aside, I don't get compensated for these reviews. I write them because I like the products inside the boxes, and I love to take snaps of the dogs when these shipments arrive. But, if you're at all interested in getting your own box, I can set you up with an offer and get a little something in return.

Use this link to order your own box. Do that, and I'll get one for free! Enjoy!

And if you missed last month's review, you can find it right here.

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