Monday, May 18, 2015

#PugCrawl 2015 photo recap!

Liam the pug has a huge smile during Pug Crawl

We had absolutely gorgeous weather for yesterday's Pug Crawl, and that's a good thing, too, as this is a benefit for the Oregon Humane Society. The better the weather, the more people who are willing to pay an entrance fee to see the pugs in action!

I took a ton of photos, and hubby took some of the parade, so I've got a lot to show you. And, be sure to check back on Wednesday. I held out a particularly good snap for my Wordless Wednesday shot. You'll have to some see! But meanwhile, here are some photos to get you going.
Sinead the Boston terrier and the writer at Pug Crawl
Sinead shows off her ballroom dancing costume.
(Yup! I dressed them up!)
Liam the pug got hot at the Pug Crawl
Liam resting in the shade before the parade. It got a little hot out there!
Pug Jenny pushing a stroller filled with pugs
The traditional Pug Crawl kickoff entry: Jenny pushing her stroller.
Pug dressed like a dragon boat with pug passengers
Pug dragon boats! (Notice all the pug passengers.)
Pugs dressed like cotton candy
Pug concession stand (they're cotton candy).
Pug carrying stick in the Parade of Pugs
This guy found a stick at the start of the parade and carried it along.
Pug dressed like a race car driver
Pug race-car driver.
Pug and Boston terrier in Parade of Pugs as ballroom dancers
My ballroom dancers.
Surfing pugs in parade of pugs at Pug Crawl 2015
Surfing pugs!
So much fun! And if you can't get enough snaps from this event, check out this link. You'll see many more.

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  1. A pug parade sounds like a very fun event to be part of :) Thanks for dropping in on us!

    the critters in the cottage xo