Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shelter stories: Beauty the cat struggles to find a home

all black cat in animal shelter

Shelter cats with interesting markings are often first in line for adoptions. People seem to enjoy living with cats that have unusual features or interesting color combinations, so they naturally flock to cats that have an extra bit of fur pizazz.

Same goes for young cats. Very small kittens with teeny voices and tiny claws seem custom made for snuggling, and people seem willing to line up to take these guys home.

So I understand why Beauty might be the last to leave the adoption floor at Willamette Humane Society. After all, she's all black, so her looks aren't unique. And, she's 14, so her kitten days are long gone. That's two strikes against her.

But Beauty has so much going for her. I just wish adopters could see it.

For starters, Beauty has developed a deep sense of inner confidence at the shelter. When she arrived, she spent a great deal of time hiding from everyone and everything. Within about a week, she was out and about to greet people who came in to visit. That kind of quick adaptability will serve her well in a new home, as it shouldn't take her long to get adjusted to new surroundings.

Next, she's very appropriate with other cats. Beauty is living in an open suite with somewhere between 3 and 4 other cats, and some of her roommates haven't had great social skills. Beauty has been gentle and snuggly with the cats that seem to need the attention, and she delivers a smack down to those cats that are too aggressive. With great cat manners like that, she should fit into a multi-cat home with ease.

all black cat in animal shelter

Finally, she's not terribly demanding. She likes attention, but she also likes her space. She asks me to greet her and pet her, and then she heads back to her own bed for a nap. Personally, I love that independence in a cat. These are super low-maintenance creatures that are willing to entertain themselves, so you can do the things you need to do without a lot of interruption.

Beauty has been waiting for a home since March 13. She's at Willamette Humane Society in Salem, Oregon.  Do you know of anyone who might like to meet her? If so, please share her story.

Update: Beauty has been adopted!

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