Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Liam the pug among the rhododendrons

Liam the pug yawning by his flowers

This rhododendron near my studio was nearly killed last year with a lace-bug infestation (you can read more about that here). I didn't notice the critters until very late in the season, when I flipped over the leaves and saw the sticky residue the bugs leave behind (yuk!). Thankfully, the eradication program I put in place last year seems to be working, and this plant is blooming beautifully this spring.

It's a perfect spot for a Liam photo shoot.

Liam the pug sitting among the flowers
Serious looking pose here.
Liam the pug looks worried as he sits next to a garden statue
He's a little afraid of this garden statue.
Yawning pug
Bored now!
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  1. Great photo shoot! Stopping by from the WW hop, come say hi pug pal!

  2. Liam looks very handsome! So glad you were able to save the plant... I just hate icky bugs!!!

    1. Me, too! And these pesky things are hard to see, so they do a lot of damage before you notice them. Yuk!

  3. Looking good by those beautiful flowers!