Monday, May 11, 2015

Your indoor cats absolutely, positively need more bird feeders!

Maggie the cat looks out the window

There's a reason this cat bed is the most popular sleeping spot in the house. Can you see it? Maybe a closeup will help. How's this?

Tiny squirrel eating a nut on a tree

Yup, that's a squirrel you're seeing, and he has two different feeders to work with. One holds corn and peanuts, and the other holds suet.

I feed the squirrels and the birds in my yard, in part, because I am concerned about habitat destruction and reduced food sources due to global warming. I know there are tons of bird species out there that are tottering on the brink of extinction because they don't have the food sources or the sheltering spaces they need in order to stay alive.

So I set out bird food, and I set out squirrel food, too, as it keeps those little rodent guys away from my bird feeders.

I love to watch all of those critters at work, and my indoor cats seem to love it, too. Especially this guy.
Troy the cat watching birds

Sometime during his long life, Troy was given access to the great outdoors. In fact, he was found outside as a stray right before I met him in the shelter. He's a little desperate to get back outside, and he tries to encourage me to let him back out there. He paces in front of the door, and he sometimes stretches his long body out on the screen, just hoping he'll spot a way to get outside.

But he can't go out there. For one thing, he's a very old cat that's a little frail. I'm not at all certain that it's safe for him to be outside. For another, I'm hosting two semi-feral cats that live outside, and I know they don't want an interloper. And finally, Troy has been declawed, so he has no weaponry for outdoor living. Besides, I don't want cats to live outside. It's just safer all around if they stay in with me.

Troy doesn't really agree. But birdfeeders help.

When cats sit in the windows, watching the birds, they're feeling a touch of hunt thrill. And with a little clever maneuvering, I can make sure that the indoor cats get entertainment without putting the birds at risk from the outdoor cats. You can see some of those tips here.

So if you have indoor cats, you simply must get some bird feeders, pronto. You'll be helping the birds, and helping your cats at the same time.

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