Friday, June 19, 2015

Hard dog toys and soft dog toys: Why your puppies really need both

pug and rocket dog toy

If you head out to any pet shop in the world, preparing to make a few dog toy purchases, you'll have two different types of products to choose from. Some are hard, and some are soft. And chances are, you might think that your dog prefers just one type of toy and doesn't need the other type at all.

I hear you. In fact, I used to think that myself. But since I've been getting BarkBox shipments, my dogs have been exposed to both types of toys in equal measure (with no shopping required by me!). And here's the thing: They seem to like both types of toys equally.

Pug head tip and alert Boston terrier

This month, our BarkBox had two toys. One, from BarkMade, is soft and is shaped like a shuttle. The other, from Planet Dog, is round and circular. Here's why I think both of these things are great choices.

First up: The soft toy. This has an embedded squeaker, which makes it a good choice for Liam. He likes toys that respond when he bites them. It must be some sort of prey thing.

pug and soft dog toy

When he's done chewing on soft toys like this, he can leave them in his bed and use them as pillows. He doesn't snuggle with toys like this, exactly, but he does seem to enjoy being surrounded with soft toys when it's time for bed.

Hard toys, on the other hand, are great for high-energy pets like Sinead. She enjoys running after toys and snatching them out of the air. I could give her soft toys to run after, of course, but soft toys don't really roll across the floor like hard toys do.

Boston terrier and hard dog toy

Hard toys also make for a good jaw workout for tiny teeth. Sinead is what we like to call a "power chewer," so she can tear a soft toy apart in seconds. Hard toys are made to withstand that kind of abuse, so they're great for industrial-strength play sessions.

Want to try out some of these toys for yourself? Consider signing up for a BarkBox subscription! Use this code and you'll get a nice little discount.

And also: Tell me about the toys your dogs enjoy? Hard or soft? What's the preference?

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