Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Toys and treats from Purrfectplay: Fun for Boston terriers and pugs alike!

Pug and Boston terrier with dog toys

Earlier this month, while I was at BlogPaws, I had a chance to sit down and talk with the kind folks at Purrfectplay. And I walked away with a few gifts for the pups! I'm thrilled to tell you a little more about them in this review.

But first: A disclaimer. I wasn't paid for this review. I got a few samples as gifts, and I promised to write an honest review of those gifts. And that's what this post is all about!

First up: A bandanna.

I often like to enhance Sinead's black-and-white fur with a pop of color. But when the weather is really hot, as it is now, I don't like to put her in full-on dresses or shirts. However, when I try to put her in a traditional bandanna, I usually get a look like this.

angry Boston terrier

Epic stink-eye, right?

She doesn't like the size of this bandanna, as it seems to restrict her shoulder movement. And she really doesn't like that knot of fabric around her ears. As soon as I put something like this on her, she'll roll around until it comes off.

This Purrfectplay bandana is a little different. It slips through a collar, so there are no knots to deal with. And there's just less fabric in general, so it doesn't seem so bulky.

As I was threading it through the collar here, you can see that Sinead remained suspicious.

angry Boston terrier

So much sass in this little dog!

But anyway, it's very easy to slide a collar through this little bandana. And once that's done, I can just fasten the collar around her neck. As you'll see, she's a ton more comfortable with this design.

Boston terrier in bandana

So we'll be making a lot of use of this bandana this summer. Clearly, the little one approves of it.

And Sinead isn't the only one that got a gift. We also got a Purrfectplay "Ollie's Orca," made of hemp canvas and certified organic cotton. This is a toy I can give to sensitive Liam without worry, because it doesn't contain artificial colors or plastic bits that might inflame his allergies. And he really seems to love to play with this particular toy.

pug and dog toy

Anything that makes it onto the couch for a chew session is considered a big hit. Since Liam took this toy up about 5 minutes after I gave it to him, I expect this orca to be a summertime favorite.

Pug and Boston terrier and dog toys

So thanks to Purrfectplay for the cool care package.

Want to try this stuff for yourself? Visit the main website here, or head to the Etsy site here. Or, connect with them via Twitter or Pinterest.


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    1. Done! And thanks for the suggestion ☺️

  2. Looking good in that bandana! how fun to get gifts in the mail!

    1. We always love to get samples of things. Makes the day more exciting!

  3. Wow!! I can see the differences clearly in his eyes. What a dog!! He sure conveys his feeling well

    1. Sinead is pretty darn expressive, for sure. I can usually tell exactly how she's feeling.