Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 2015 BarkBox review: It's time for the dog circus!

Small dog and large dog toy shaped like bearded lady
Every month, when our BarkBox comes, I write up a little review about the dog treats and dog toys we got. I'm not compensated for these reviews in any way. But I like these products so much that I feel compelled to tell you about them.

This month is no exception.

Last week, our July 2015 BarkBox came, and apparently, it's circus month! Typically, I don't like to support anything having to do with the circus (animal cruelty doesn't equal family fun, at least to me), but there's a lot of funny stuff in this dog box.

First up, this hilarious bearded lady Sinead is playing with up top. It's made by one of my favorite BarkBox vendors, BarkMade, and it's really just funny. The heart-shaped lips, big hands and super-fuzzy beard make me happy. And this toy comes with a unique noise-maker. Rather than simply squeaking, it sort of chuckles when you move the toy up and down. Sinead has been carrying this toy around since we got it, which is awesome.

We had three sets of treats in our shipment, and there's only one I've tapped into at the moment. That particular treat is made by Emerald Pet, and it's a treat made of pig parts, all baked and smashed together into a rope-looking thing. Both dogs were pretty darn excited about that treat, and it made for a nice afternoon snack.

The other treats, from Lucky Dog and My Doggy, are packed away in the cupboard for now. We're still working on our Salmon Paws Salmon Jerky Treats (see the review here), so we have no space for new gobbles at the moment!

Smiling pug with new blue dog toy
Speaking of gobbles, check out Liam's big smile. He fell in love with this new dog toy from Zigoo. It's open on both ends, so I could (in theory) pack it full of treats like carrots or peanut butter. But, Liam seems to like this toy just fine even when it has nothing in it at all. It bounces like crazy when you throw it, and it stands up to deep chewing from his tight pug teeth. He's even abandoned his prior favorite pig toy for this thing. Actually, you can see that pig staring forlornly in the background, now that I am looking closely at this photograph....

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