Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Want a Boston terrier? Get ready to play and play and play!

Boston terrier sitting on the couch with her toy
Last week, I saw Boston terriers included in a listicle about dog breeds that love to cuddle. (Yup, I'm a sucker for dog click bait). Anyway, this article included a bunch of information about how much Bostons like to sit with their people during the day, and how much they like to sleep with those owners at night.

All of that might very well be true, but people who hope to get a 100 percent Boston snuggle buddy might be disappointed.


Because these guys love to play.

At least once per day, I'll look down and see something like this.

Boston terrier watching for toy on couch

Sinead put this toy on the couch next to my foot, and she's waiting patiently for me to pick up that toy and throw it. And see all of those little toys in the distance? If I don't take the bait with this bigger toy, she'll start adding those smaller toys to the pile.

She's perfectly capable of snuggling, but she'd much rather be doing something active. She likes to fetch, to run and to tug. If she had her choice, she'd do those active things well before she'd settle down for loving.

Once you start digging into the history of Boston terriers, this makes a whole lot of sense.

This is a dog breed that stems from working breeds, like the English terrier and the bulldog. These are independent creatures that are happiest when they have something to do or a task to complete. And they're also stubborn breeds that have minds of their own. They could do what you want, but they have their own opinions, too.

Boston terrier wants to fetch the large dog toy

It's rare for me to make Sinead wait for a toy throw. If she brings it, I try to toss it. I'm prepared for that, because I know what Bostons are like. In a way, it's what I signed up for when I brought home a dog from this particular breed.

But the next time someone asks me about how snuggly Bostons are, I might show them this little series of photos. Might change their minds!

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  1. I'd rather play than cuddle most of the time, as well! Sometimes I try to sit on a lap and play tug at the same time, but that doesn't work so well. Can't get good leverage!

    1. Plus, you're kinda big for the lap thing, right? Well, maybe not :)

  2. We love to play too! Have you considered flyball for your active little buddy? It is soo much fun! We just started training flyball and love it.

    1. I should look into that! I did some agility work with Sinead, and she did seem to enjoy it. She might thrive on flyball....