Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: This is what a senior cat looks like

russian blue senior cat
Beorn the Russian blue cat is 15 years old. He's a little thinner in the face than an average cat, and his coat isn't quite as luxurious and thick as it was when he was younger. But he's still quite a beauty, don't you think?
Beorn the senior Russian blue cat
His eyes are particularly pretty, especially in outdoor photo shoots. I love the way that green pops against his grey fur.
Senior cat looks tired
He tires of my photo shoots pretty quickly, however, so I don't put him on this blog very often. He's my hospice cat, and I know he doesn't have a ton of time left, so I try not to pester him with involved camera sessions.

But he's still got some spark and pep left. After the shoot, he even took some time to show off his acrobatic side. Nice, right? Especially considering he was bumped by a car a few years back. I think he's recovered quite well.
Cat caught doing yoga
Thanks for checking out my snaps. Do leave me a comment, won't you? I'd like to know who came on by.

And, you guessed it, this is a blog hop! Check out a few of the other entries this week for examples of great pet photography.


  1. This post makes me miss my Smokey Blue. She was just the best, and she looked like that as she got to be about 18. She was the best!

  2. He's gorgeous and sure doesn't look 15 years old.

  3. Replies
    1. He really does look good in this particular shoot. I think the (semi-alive) grass helps :)