Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Troy is a messy cat at mealtime!

Black and white photo of cat with food bowl
This week, I'm doing a series of posts about picky cat Troy. He's trying a ton of new foods from Weruva, and when that's through, I'll hold a sweepstakes for one lucky reader. (More on that here.)

Update 7/24/2015: The sweepstakes is running now! Enter here.

What this means is that I'm taking a lot of photos of Troy eating.

And he's super messy.
Messy cat eating cat food
See the cat food on the sill? The ants thought that was yummy!
Black cat pushing his food out of his cat bowl
Still pushing the food around!
Silly boy. But, I am glad that he's eating. That's the goal of this #WhatWillTroyEat challenge, after all!

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  1. Brulee is a messy eater because she eats her food by picking it up with her tongue.

    1. That might be Troy's issue, too, come to think about it. He is missing a lot of teeth!

  2. That looks pretty yummy! My kitties love Weruva's foods. Troy is quite the messy eater, but I bet he cleans it all up too! My Cinco likes to take things off of his plate and eat them off of the floor. It must be a cat thing.

    1. Liam the pug is thrilled that Troy is messy; he tends to snort up all of the leavings, even if he has to stand up on tiptoe to do it! Sounds like your kitties are cleaner than mine 😃