Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cats in bathtubs: Can human bathwater really be tasty?

Black cat in tiled bathtub
Quick poll: How long has it been since you've had a shower or a bath in perfect peace and solitude? Chances are, if you have a cat, it's been a long time since you've had the bathroom to yourself. In fact, if you have a cat like mine, you are probably accustomed to looking for cats before you either step into or out of the tub.

Cats like Troy here seem fascinated with the leftovers in a traditional tub after anyone has taken a bath or a shower. As soon as the humans turn on the water, here's where he sits.

Black cat in tiled bathroom, looking into the tub

Thankfully, he usually waits to take up this position until I've left the shower. But he gives me only a minute or two to make that escape before he hops up on his perch.

And what does he do from there? You guessed it. He licks the walls and base of the bathtub. There's something about that water he just adores.

Black cat Troy looking for bath water

Obviously, this isn't a great habit for Troy. He needs water, of course, but traditional human beauty products are filled with all sorts of things that just aren't good for delicate kitty digestive systems. But, since Troy is old and cranky, I can't keep him from an activity he deems important. If he wants to lick that tub, dammit, he's going to lick that tub. But there are some things I can do to keep him safe.

A longer-than-average rinse of any product allows me to leave the tub with (mostly) water and very little residue. That means Troy won't encounter a great deal of soap or lye or perfumes when he hops up. I can counter that long water usage (for those of you eco-conscious people out there) by turning off the water while lathering.

And, any product I use is certified organic, free of artificial perfumes and colorings. My stuff is all certified cruelty-free, too (more on that here). That's just better for me, and it's better for him, too.

What about you? Are your kitties tub surfers? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. That's funny. We have a running joke with Leo where we ask if he wants to get in the shower with us. He always runs away. But he's a dog, not a cat. ;)