Friday, August 28, 2015

Dogs and heating pads: Pure bliss (as long as you're careful)

Small happy Boston terrier dog on red heating pad
When Sinead isn't sitting on my lap or terrorizing the other animals in this house, she's parked in her little dog bed in the bedroom. Sometimes, she even manages to cover herself up with a little fleecy (as she's done here).

There are dozens of sleeping spots in the house, but I'm pretty sure why she chooses this particular bed. It's the one with a heating pad.

Now, the conventional wisdom is that heating pads shouldn't be used in dog beds because they're awfully strong and dogs are relatively sensitive to heat. By putting a pad in a dog's bed, the saying goes, you'll risk giving that dog a burn and/or you'll overheat the poor critter.

Boston terrier Sinead falling asleep on her heating pad

But just look how happy Sinead is on her heating pad. She looks downright blissful, in fact, and I can't imagine taking that away from her. She likes the pad, so I make it available.

There are some important safety precautions to keep in mind, however.

Heating pads like this one should never be used inside of a dog crate. When the door is latched, the pup can't get up and walk away from a bed that's growing just a touch too hot. And unless the door is removed altogether, it's possible that a sleepy pup could wander into the crate and have the door swing shut behind them (this has happened to both Liam and Sinead).

Sinead sleeping on her Boston terrier heating pad

And finally, small puppies and rowdy chewers aren't good candidates for the heating pad treatment. These products do plug into the wall, so there's a cord that some dogs might be tempted to chew. Any pup that chews could get a nasty shock from the cord, so it's best to provide another option for these sorts of critters.

The weather is cooling down here, so I'm imagining that Sinead will be spending more and more of her time on a heating pad. Any readers have stories to share of their dog's love affair with heat? Hit me up in the comments!

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  1. We have lots of fleece blankies, not heating pads though.