Friday, August 14, 2015

Platform beds for dogs: 2 things I love about them (and 1 thing I don't)

Pug and Boston terrier on platform bed

Platform beds, like the one Liam and Sinead are sitting on here, are top dog bed sellers. And for these two dogs, this was a bed that they had to wait for. I'd been hearing about the benefits of these things for years, but I just couldn't see how or why they'd be appealing to a dog, and I didn't want to spend my money on something that just wouldn't get used.

So I waited. And now, I regret that.

These things come with all sorts of great perks for dogs, and I'm going to outline a few of them in a second or two. But, there's one big drawback to mention, too, and that just might keep you away from buying them in the future.

Ready? I thought so.

Perk 1: They're inexpensive.

A standard platform bed (like this Elevated Pet Bed) will set you back about $30. At first glance, that doesn't seem like much of a cost savings. After all, typical dog beds (like this Donut Bed) also run in the $30 range.

But, platform beds are almost impossible to destroy. Unlike a typical bed, that's covered in something soft and stuffed with something softer, a platform bed is made of something sturdy like canvas, and there's no stuffing at all. That means this $30 bed could last for years and years and years. It's a great value.

Tiny Boston terrier on a platform bed

Perk 2: They're easy on old joints. 

Both Liam and Sinead have a few orthopedic issues. Liam's come from aging, while Sinead's bad knees are probably genetic. That means these guys are probably uncomfortable on hard floors, even if there's a bed between them and the floor.

Platform beds are different, because they suspend the dog in the air. It's like a hammock, and that can be really good for sore joints.

While I see Liam and Sinead adjust and adjust and adjust their positions when they're in typical beds, they'll plop down on these platforms and stick to the same spot for hours. That seems to indicate, to me, that these beds are a little more comfortable.

Main drawback: Platform beds need a modification before the dogs will use them.

Liam's ideal place to rest, hands down, is on top of human furniture. Like this.

Liam the pug resting on the couch
See that tucked paw? He's not leaving the couch anytime soon. And why would he? This couch is soft, covered and up off the ground.

Platform beds, without some kind of amendment, can seem a little firm to my spoiled pooches. They're hard, unlike couches, and neither Liam nor Sinead would use this thing until I put another bed on top. That pink, fuzzy thing? It's a failed dog bed that Liam and Sinead loved to pieces. Once I added that to the platform, they were all over it.

So my advice? Consider adding one of these things to your collection. But make sure to pop another bed (or a soft blanket) on top for an added enticement. Otherwise, your kids might give your new bed the heave-ho.

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  1. They are so cute!
    Having big dogs I never considered a platform bed, they have their crates with beds, and then take up the couch and my bed happily. LoL