Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why do cats sit on paper?

Black cat Troy lying on a piece of paper on a desk

As the trusted office cat, Troy has a comfy bed on top of the desk. But, if I spread out even the smallest piece of paper on my desk, he's right there to warm it up with his body.

He does the same thing in the house. If I toss the paper on the floor when I'm done with my reading, he'll make that into a comfortable napping space. Mail I drop on the way from the mailbox to the kitchen table becomes a sleeping mat. Receipts he can snatch from my purse are used to soften the floor underneath his ribs.

Why in the world do cats do this?

There are all sorts of theories.

Some cat trainers point to the thermodynamics of paper. Apparently, this crinkly stuff gets warm faster than carpet or wood or concrete, so cats sit or lie on paper in a bid to get warm. (Big disclaimer: I can't find an engineering study that proves this theory true.)

Others suggest that cats lie on paper in order to get human attention. Kitties know that humans are drawn to paper, these experts say, so they lie on paper in order to get our attention. If they stay on stuff we like, they'll get our attention.

And other say the crinkle sound of paper is attractive to cats. They are noise-activated creatures, these trainers say, so they like beds that are responsive.

I'm not sure about all of this. I think Troy just enjoys novel experiences, so he likes to lie on sheets of paper I've just tossed down. If I left paper down all of the time, it might lose the appeal.

But some manufacturer out there should hop on this and make a paper bed, don't you think? Maybe something woven and recycled, with crunch and spring? Make me a prototype! I have the perfect tester right here.

Do your cats love to sleep on paper, too? Shoot me a note and fill me in. Love to hear your cute kitty stories.

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  1. I think my cats do it to be annoying and get in my way. LoL :-)