Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: 6 cat portraits

Lucy blind cat in cat bed
This morning, I spent a few hours taking portrait shots of adoptable cats in our local humane society. Since I was all warmed up on my cat-coaxing after that work, I thought I'd give my own kitties the same glamour shot treatment. So here are all six of my cats, in no particular order.

Up top here is Lucy, my 7-year-old blind cat. She always poses so nicely.

Rescued senior black cat Troy on the carpet
 And here's rescue black cat Troy. He's of indeterminate age (maybe 14? 16?), but he still has a lot of spunk and character.

Maggie the tuxedo cat on her couch
This is Maggie, my 11-year-old tuxedo cat. She doesn't show up on the blog very often, mainly because she really doesn't like cameras. But she really is a gorgeous cat.

Brown tabby senior cat Eamon in the hallway
And here's Eamon. This guy is rounding the corner on 15, and he has his ears flattened here because his arthritis is acting up today. He's a little aggressive and he's doing quite a bit of limping. I'm hoping his meds help and that he feels better soon.

Grey Russian blue cat resting on the deck
Beorn the Russian blue here is 15, and he 's our semi-feral, so he lives outside. It looks like he's been walking through my tomato plants recently, as he has a little tomato top on his elbow in this photo. Silly guy.

Black and white cat and ferns
And finally, here's the other semi-feral cat living here: Jasper. He is also rounding up on 15, but he seems remarkably healthy with no limping, no weight loss and no dental concerns. He's a healthy man.

So that's my crew! It's a lot, right?

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  1. Wow, isn't 15 a really great age for a semi feral cat? You must take good care of them! Such gorgeous cats! Love the tomato top! :)

    1. It is astonishing, really. I wish he could live indoors and last even longer, but he really can't tolerate close contact with people over long periods of time. We do, however, entice him into an enclosure at night that secures behind him. That reduces his chances of getting into cat fights and it keeps him away from cars. I think that helps a lot.

    2. Oh, that's good that you're able to keep him safe at night. :)

  2. Fun meeting everyone! I know it is stressful having so many older cats all at once. About 8 years ago, we had 4 cats and all were over 15 with various health issues. Gosh, it was stressful

    I can't get over that little Troy is 14. I thought he was a kitten!

    1. Hubby and I joke that we're running a sort of kitty hospice over here. Our only young cat is disabled! But, yes. It is a lot of work and stress. We do a lot every day to keep these guys running. Troy, for example, has the finicky old cat thing going, and he also has arthritis, so he is clumsy and falls a lot. I should shoot video! He looks much older in motion than he does sitting still.