Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Funny pet photo outtakes

Funny Boston terrier photo with eyes closed

Typically, when I'm choosing photos for this blog, I look for shots of the pets that are somehow inspirational or interesting. But let's be honest: These guys get really tired of having a camera in their faces all the time. And they're not at all worried about showing their displeasure.

Case in point: The top photo comes from this photo shoot. Sure, 90 percent of the shots were perfect. But then there was this photo of out-and-out defiance.

Trust me, I have zillions of these. Here are a few samples.

Funny cat photo of Eamon giving the stink eye

Eamon is the master of the stink eye. I shot these for a Wordless Wednesday post about his attitude, but this shot is even snarkier than the others I chose. Look at the stink eye!

Funny pug photo of Liam on his birthday

This comes from Liam's birthday photo shoot. He got tired of waiting for me to get the perfect shot of him and his frozen yogurt, so he looked to his dad for a release command. Sneaky boy.

Troy the cat is hiding in his scratching post

I have no idea what I had planned to use this photo for, but it's clear that Troy doesn't feel like being a model. The contrast between his downtrodden expression and this silly scratching post house just kills me.

Lucy the blind cat hiding in her bed

I've been taking a lot of photos of Lucy lately, as she's helping me with a Solid Gold sweepstakes starting tomorrow (be sure to check back for epic prizes!). She got so sick of the whole thing that she ran into this little hidey-hole underneath her cat bed. Notice the outstretched paw? That's for batting at me.

In general, I'm blessed to have cooperative pets. But clearly, I need to give them a day off from time to time!

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  1. Oh I have so many "don't take my picture" shots too. They still look great though, even though they aren't what we intended...

    1. I typically delete the outtakes, so I was surprised I had so many out there to pull into this post! Maybe I should delete less stuff in the future...

  2. I'm jealous of people who have Instagram accounts for their dogs, where there are a zillion adorable pics every day. My dog pics wind up starting to all look the same. And the ones I take inside never look very good. Your pics are cute! The dogs are my fave, of course.

    1. Many of my photos have the same backgrounds, over and over again. My red couch, for example, is on here enough that it should get its own listing! But I think people tend to look at the faces more than the stuff in the back, you know? At least I hope so!