Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 2015 BarkBox review: Dog toys and dog treats for fall

Sinead poses with her frog dog toy from BarkBox

It's the middle of the month, and that means it's happy mail time for pug Liam and Boston terrier Sinead. Their beloved BarkBox arrived! Here's what we got for our fall celebration.

Frog prince from Simply Fido 

Toys are, paws down Sinead's favorite part of the BarkBox experience. And when I spotted this little frog inside of our box (It looks a little like this), I thought we had a winner. It's small, as you can see in that photo up top, so she can carry it around very easily. And it comes with a robust and pretty loud squeaker, so it seems to make satisfying noises. I felt pretty certain we'd be throwing this guy around non-stop for the next few weeks.

But the blush went off this toy pretty quickly, for some reason. It's possible that Sinead doesn't like the canvas-like material this is made of, or it could be that she's still too much in love with the bearded lady toy we got a few months ago. At the moment, this little frog is resting in the toy box. I'm hoping he comes back out soon.

Femur bones from Heartland 

Bones are a pretty common part of our BarkBoxes, and often, mine go right to the humane society where I volunteer. I can't figure out how to break an entire shin bone or shoulder blade apart in order to allow the dogs to share, so I donate them to shelter dogs instead. So I was pretty happy to see this product in our box, as it contains to separate slices of bone. I can give one to each dog without breaking out bone-carving equipment. Yay!

Bone from BeneBone 

Speaking of needing carving tools, check out the size of this Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy.

Sinead the Boston and Liam the pug can't possibly eat this huge dog bone

Jeepers, this thing is massive. The BarkBox people say that this bone is approved for dogs up to 50 pounds, but it just looks really big to me. If I gave this to Liam the pug gobbler, he's try to eat it until it was all the way gone. And that's too much treat all at once.

So I'm trying to figure out what to do with this. I might try to cut it into thirds, so the portions aren't so big. Or I might just let Liam have it for short sessions of supervised chewing. I'm not sure. Suggestions?

Beef liver treats from PureBites 

I've bought cat treats from this company before, and they were huge hits with both the dogs and the cats. These Purebites Beef Liver Dog Treats are made of pure liver that's dried to a crisp, so they're easy for the dogs to gobble. Since I've been handing out a lot of treats on our walks to reinforce good behavior, these should come in handy. They're the perfect size!

Biscuits from Wagatha's 

These Wagatha's biscuits are also a great size, even for very small dogs like Sinead.

Sinead crumbles her dog cookie from BarkBox

Half of a cookie makes a suitable treat for her, and she can crumble the treat really easily with her tiny teeth. These smell a little bit like curry or something exotic, and the dogs really seem to like them. I may have to get more when we run out.

So that's it for this month! If you'd like to try your own BarkBox, use my affiliate link for a price break (and I'll get a little gift, too!). If you'd like to see reviews of previous BarkBox offerings, click here or here or here or here or here.

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