Thursday, October 22, 2015

Are pugs huggers? Not always

Liam delivering his version of a hug
One of my very wonderful neighbors greets me during my morning dog walks with, "I need a pug hug!" She has run down the driveway to get her hug, and this week, she took the hugging thing to a whole new level when she almost ran us down with her car in order to get a hug.

I don't quite know how to tell her this, but Liam isn't much on the hugging thing.

Like a lot of pugs, Liam enjoys spending time with his people. His comfort zone ends about a foot away from my body, so he is almost always touching me in some way throughout the day. And he loves to be petted, by friend and foe alike.

But the cuddling thing is out of the question. Try to pick him up, and he'll squirm right out of your hands like a tiny, wriggling, fur-covered fish. And four-on-the-floor hugs aren't much better. Most of the time, he whirls away from those, too.

So I was a little stumped by today's blog hop.

You see, some wonderful bloggers at The Three Little Pugs are going through a very difficult time right now, and we've been asked to share a hug with them. I so, so wanted to do this, as I think pugs can be a great comfort to people in need. Liam's snorting and wuffling always comforts me.

But how can I deliver a hug that doesn't end up looking like this? (Note the howl.)

Pug hug turns into pug torture

Yeah, that's not very comforting at all.

So instead, we send our hugs with flowers. The sentiment is the same. We are so hoping that things will turn for the better for our blogging friends. But the hug thing? We're out.

See the others who have joined the hug-fest here. And do add your blog, if you can. The more hugs we can send to this family, the better!


  1. Mom says I might have some PUG DNAs I'm not a snuggle I don't even sit in her lap..she often wonders if I'm really a cat...but No matter the day is about hugs virtual or real and you are doing a great job
    Hugs madi the cat

    1. Aw, thanks Madi. And rest assured, some of my cat buds aren't huggers, either.

  2. So you're not a hugger. That's okay. We're certain you have other ways of expressing affection. Most of us are secret huggers. We only hug when there is no camera around. So we just sent virtual hugs.

    1. "Secret huggers." That's a fabulous phrase!

  3. Your flowers are a wonderful gesture.

    Abby the Lab

  4. Thanks so much for participating, even if hugging isn't your thing!

  5. BOL!!! OMD, I'm not a hugger either Liam! And, wells, my slobbery snooter keeps almost everybody from wanting one! hehehehe
    I thinks the flower is a FABulous solution! I knows they are gonna loves it!
    Ruby ♥