Monday, October 26, 2015

Furminator review: A brush to keep your cat's coat sleek and glossy

Troy the cat in his bow tie
Let's face it: Senior cats like Troy don't always wake up looking clean, dapper and ready for prime time. Arthritis and general muscle wasting can impede their grooming skills, and when the seasons change, these cats can't get rid of stray undercoats and entangled top coats. Even with bow ties, old cats can sometimes look a little less than dapper.

Enter the FURminator.

As part of my BlogPaws swag bag, I was given the option to review the latest-and-greatest FURminator brush. It's a Comfort Edge deShedding Tool, and it works great. Here's what Troy and I discovered.

Troy the cat and his Furminator brush

This FURminator brush has very tiny teeth, placed very close together, on a brush with an ergonomic handle. The brush itself is a little heavy, so I had to be careful when placing it on Troy's body. If I wasn't paying attention and let gravity do the trick, I ended up harming him when I sat the brush down. So care is required. But, that ergonomic handle makes control a snap. The brush fit beautifully within the palm of my hand, with no slipping or shifting, so I felt like I had mastery of it in just a few minutes.

Unlike other brushes that tend to skim the surface of the fur, this brush is made to dig deep. It's specifically made for undercoat removal, and not all cats have a thick undercoat. In fact, out of all of my cats, only Troy and Jasper got any benefit. The teeth were too short for Lucy's long hair, and Maggie and Popoki just don't have undercoats to pull (or they have sleek coats that slide through the brush... I'm not sure what is going on).

But Troy certainly does have an undercoat. This is what I pulled from him after about 5 minutes of brushing.

Troy's cat hair next to the Furminator

That's a lot of hair! And notice the reddish tinge to it? That's his undercoat. Fascinating, right?

Troy simply cannot get this hair off without help, and all of the other brushes I've tried just didn't pull loose hair like this. In fact, this is the first and only brush I've ever used with any success on my geriatric guy.

So color me converted. With some caveats.

Again, this is not a brush that will work on all cats. If your kitty does not have a thick undercoat, this brush won't give you big results. And it is a little heavy, so if your cats are sensitive about grooming tools, they may not appreciate this particular product.

But there's no doubt that this tool made Troy ready for his closeup.

Troy the cat in his bow tie

And there's no doubt we'll be using it again.

You can find a FURminator of your own just like this on Amazon. Or visit your local pet shop and ask for a demonstration. You could have the same success I did!

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