Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween prep for dogs: One spooktacular thing your pets need

Liam the pug surrounded by Halloween decorations
Quick: Name one thing your dogs will need in order to celebrate the Halloween holiday in style and safety.

If you mentioned Benadryl, quiet music and a the number of an emergency veterinarian, give yourself high marks for trying.

But there's one other thing your dogs absolutely, positively need for the weekend to come. Proper identification.

Halloween provides dogs with all sorts of opportunities for homelessness. They could run out the door when little trick-or-treaters come by, or they could bolt out of your arms when they're accosted by little kids in terrifying costumes.

And a dog lost in the dark could be a dog harmed in all sorts of ways.

Sinead the Boston terrier and her Halloween decorations
 If you're like me, you might take off your dog's collars from time to time. Sinead isn't wearing hers here, for example. Her skin is very sensitive, and sometimes, collars make her itch and scratch. So when she's inside with me, she has her collar off.

But, she is still protected. Sinead has a microchip beneath her fur, and all of the information on that chip is current (I just checked this week). If she slips out without her collar, or her collar gets lost in the shuffle during an escape attempt, I know I'll be reunited with her in no time.

So go ahead: Enjoy your Halloween celebrations. But just make sure your dogs are protected. They need you.


  1. Good post! It's scary how many pets get lost during holidays like Halloween and July 4th. Having ID is so important!

  2. Such a good reminder. It can be so easy for a dog to get out in all the confusion of Halloween.

    In our last house, we got 500-600 trick or treaters on Halloween. It was such a crazed mess that we'd sit on the porch. There was no time to go inside between goblins.

    Luckily Honey loved all the fuss. One of us would give out candy and the other would give out petties. :)

  3. Absolutely important! Also, be careful of your black kitties. I keep Rosie out of the windows on Halloween just in case.

  4. So important and so true! Happy halloween

  5. Good reminder about how easy it is for a pet to go missing with the door opening and closing multiple times.