Monday, October 19, 2015

October 2015 BarkBox review: Halloween tricks and treats for dogs

Liam the pug posing with his dog toy from BarkBox

It's the middle of the month, and you know what that means: It's BarkBox time! Liam and Sinead have been long-time pupscribers to this monthly service, and I typically write up a few notes about what they like and didn't like about their shipments. I don't get any kind of compensation for these reviews; I just like the products, so I write about them!

So with that disclaimer out of the way, let's see what we got!

Aussie Naturals Villain's Salmon Half Cigar

This treat is made out of sockeye salmon skin, and it's shaped a little like a cigar. Apparently, we're supposed to think about criminals smoking when our dogs eat these things.... But I have a feeling my dogs won't be walking around with this clamped between their teeth. Instead, they're likely to just gobble the stuff down. Liam and Sinead absolutely love fish (including this competing brand of fish treats we tried a few months ago).

I haven't handed out this particular salmon cigar, as I don't want my furniture to smell of fish. I'm just waiting for a sunny day, so I can give it to the dogs to enjoy outside. Hoping that comes soon!

BarkMade Peek a Boo Hoo 

This is a two-part toy, but both pieces are large enough to merit standalone descriptions. The first part is this huge, black-and-purple witch hat, complete with curled tip. There's a crinkle material in the brim, so this is satisfying for the dogs to chew on, and there's a squeak to the tip that they like. Plus, this makes an excellent prop for photo shoots. See?

Sinead poses in her witch hat from BarkBox

I tried it with Maggie, too, but it wasn't quite as successful.

Maggie the cat in the hat from BarkBox

Maggie has been using this toy in order to hide other toys, and I've caught her tunneling inside of it from time to time, too. So while she might not like to wear this thing, she does seem to enjoy playing with it.

Maggie has the right idea, as this hat was packed with something when we got it. A medium-sized, fuzzy, adorable owl was scrunched down inside. Liam and Sinead love fuzzy toys like this, and they have both spent quite a bit of time gnawing on this owl's wings and eyebrows. So far, it's stood up to the abuse, but I'll be watching it closely for signs of distress.

Liam and Sinead and the owl dog toy

Bocce's Bakery Chicken Treats

Nothing wraps up a heavy-duty play session like a satisfying cookie, and these treats from Bocce's Bakery are just the ticket. They're made of all-natural ingredients, and they have a lovely scent of rosemary that I really enjoy. These cookies also break apart quickly, which makes dosing nice. I don't like Sinead to eat huge cookies, so I appreciate breakable treats.

Etta Says PB Go Treats

We're Etta Says lovers from way back, and I really like these snacks. I've been using treats to motivate the dogs on my walks, and these snacks are packed inside of a very small, sealable tube. That makes carrying them a snap, and the treats are small enough to hand out while walking without needing chew breaks. Liam and Sinead seem to really like the taste, too.

So that's it for this month! If you'd like to try your own BarkBox, use my affiliate link for a price break (and I'll get a little gift, too!). If you'd like to see reviews of previous BarkBox offerings, click here or here or here or here or here or here.

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