Monday, October 12, 2015

Shopping for the purrfect present for a cat lover? Try these cat puzzles!

Troy the cat with his cat puzzle

The nights are cooler, the mornings are foggy and the ground is strewn with leaves. Yup: Fall is definitely here. And that means we've entered into "Must Buy a Present" season. Feeling panicked? Don't worry. I have a great solution to tell you about.

Last month, representatives from Wentworth Puzzles reached out to me with a great gift idea for cat people. They have created a series of puzzles just for cat lovers, and they asked me to review one. I am a puzzle lover from way back, so I jumped at the chance. I chose this puzzle, which has a crafty and clever Halloween theme. I figured Troy would appreciate the look-alikes that are all over this pretty puzzle, and I thought I'd enjoy an hour or two of fun.

We both got a little more than we expected.

First off, the quality of this puzzle is impressive. It's made of wood, and there are small signature pieces scattered throughout that relate to the theme of the puzzle. That means we had a few puzzle pieces that were spooky and scary. Check them out.

Clever pieces of a puzzle shaped like Halloween items
I'm showing you the back of the pieces here, and you can see that each piece has been cut and scored for extra detail. See the witch hair? And the pumpkin eyes? That's extra detailing. Having these pieces scattered among the regularly-shaped puzzle pieces made this whole thing just a little more fun and interesting. Hubby and I kept exclaiming when we found new ones. Apparently, every puzzle this company makes has little whimsical pieces like this. Aren't they clever?

Troy thought so. Here he is with his favorite piece.

Troy the black cat with his favorite cat puzzle piece

It's a good likeness, don't you think? 

Since these puzzles come with so many unusual shapes, they're really hard to finish. Hubby and I sat down to work on ours, and 2 hours later, we were still there. We kept saying things like "Just one more piece!" and then we'd work for 30 minutes more. It was a little addictive.

Troy helped a little, too, although I think he was secretly hoping we'd walk away so he could take a crack at the pieces himself. And that's another bonus of these puzzles. The pieces are a little heavy, since they're made of wood, so they won't scatter and blow around when curious cats walk over the work area. That's a nice detail for those of us with curious feline roomies.

Cat helping humans to work on a cat puzzle

I can see families hunkering down around the puzzle after a big holiday meal and really enjoying some together time. The work is hard, but it can be done. And it's really fun. Hubby and I finished ours the same evening, and we're pretty proud of our work. Here's what the finished piece looks like.

Finished cat Halloween puzzle

We're already talking about getting another puzzle, since we enjoyed this one so much.

If you're interested in delighting someone with one of these clever cat puzzles, you'll need to order soon. These puzzles are handcrafted in response to an order (so there aren't tons of them sitting around on a shelf), so it can take a few weeks for an order to be fulfilled and shipped. Christmas is coming sooner than you think, so you should order now.

And there are tons of cat selections to choose from on this page. Check them out!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. The company sent me a puzzle to review, and all the words I used here are my own.

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  1. There are a few of us (kitties!) over here who would have some serious fun with those puzzle pieces :)

    the critters in the cottage xo