Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yoplait yogurt fan? Do this to save wildlife from cup suffocation

Sinead and her wildlife toys
Most dog and cat lovers are also secret wildlife lovers. I know I am. I feed chichadees and nuthatches, tend to hummingbirds, and get help for the abandoned squirrels and bats that sometimes wind up in my Oregon yard. These little critters may not be my pets, but they certainly seem like my responsibility.

And sadly, that means I've had to modify the way I snack in the afternoons.

At one point, when the 3pm munchies hit, I would head to the kitchen for a Yoplait yogurt treat. The snacks are low in calories, high in calcium and they taste pretty darn good. Plus, Liam and Sinead could have a lick or two, too.

But then I started seeing videos like this.

This little skunk has his head trapped inside of a Yoplait yogurt cup, and no matter how much he might try to get the thing off, it's fixed tight.

These women tried all sorts of things to get that cup off the poor skunk's head. It looks like they cut the cup several times, and they couldn't free the little guy until one women picked up the cup and shook the poor skunk until he was wrenched free.

Sadly, this isn't a lone skunk. Many other skunks get caught in cups like this, and squirrels can deal with the same issue. According to the Huffington post, this has been going on since the 1990s, and efforts to curb the problem just aren't working.

Case in point: If you look closely at the side of a Yoplait cup, you'll a few tiny words about crushing the cup after use to "protect wildlife." This seems like a reasonable suggestion, but it's printed in absolutely infinitesimal type. I'd been eating Yoplait for years, and I never saw this sentence until other bloggers urged me to look for it. My search took about 3 minutes. Type that small isn't likely to change anyone's habits.

And the manufacturer suggests that there's a lip to the cups that critters can use to free their heads. Apparently, that lip has been been in place for years. But the skunk in the video I've linked to here clearly isn't benefiting from that lip. He's still stuck, and he still needs help.

So there are a few options here. You can refuse to buy Yoplait, due to this issue. Or, you can make it your mission to cut or crush the cups after you use them. And, should you feel compelled, you can sign this petition, attempting to compel Yoplait to change the cup design.

Me? I've switched to cheese sticks. Same benefits plus happier wildlife.

What will you do?

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  1. I never thought about that! I used to eat yoplait all the time. I don't buy it anymore because I prefer less sugar and organic yogurts now, but this is something I will pass on to educate people. Thank you for sharing with the Pet Parade! ~RascalandRocco

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this. We will no longer buy Yoplait and we will sign the petition.